Preserve natural beauty

Unique clinic

The fundamental principles guiding my work are the perfection of procedures and the comfort of patients, fostered by the special atmosphere of the clinic.



The treatments I perform allow for a safe way to enhance beauty, counteract the aging process, and professionally care for the skin.

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Unique Location

In Krakow, situated between the Father Bernatek Footbridge connecting Kazimierz with Podgórze and the Tadeusz Kantor Museum and Cricoteka.

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The doctor is an excellent professional who, incidentally, has an exceptional sense of aesthetics, giving us the confidence that the procedures will not be done excessively.

Extensive knowledge, individual, comprehensive approach to each patient, and practical, manual skills of Dr. Małgorzata ensure the performance of procedures at the highest level. The friendly atmosphere of the office, a warm approach, interest, and care for the patient after the procedure build positive relationships between the patient and the doctor – which particularly distinguishes Dr. Małgorzata

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After hours

I enjoy an active pastime that allows me to maintain good physical fitness and enhances my well-being. I chose windsurfing because I love the sun, water, and wind, and I enjoy challenges. It’s a demanding sport that requires endurance and patience, especially for beginners, as success comes slowly. However, the wait for that success is worth it. Gliding on the water surface provides unforgettable experiences. The sound of the wind and the board racing through the waves are memories that are missed quickly upon returning home.